"Botifarra a Banda" in Algemesí

On Saturday April 30th and within the events planned for the XXXI Trobada d'Escoles en Valencià, Algadins Grup de Danses participated in the show Botifarra a Banda, which the singer Pep Gimeno "Botifarra" and the Societat Musical d'Algemesí offered in the Main Square. Algadins accompanied the sounds of the Granaïna of Montaverner, Jota de Xativa and Sandinga de Xixona in a packed venue where the audience could enjoy a show with pieces inspired by the rich heritage of traditional Valencian music, which Pep Gimeno offers us with a fresh start.

To Algadins Grup de Danses it was a pleasure to share the stage with one of the great singers in Valencian folklore, who made people remember stories, sayings, lyrics and sounds that evoke other times but which are truly ours, and they unfortunately had remained forgotten in drawers and chests in the house attics. Now Botifarra has taken them and given them new shine, so that audiences of all ages reunite with their roots. This was all accompanied by the magnificent performance of the Societat Musical d'Algemesí, directed by Alberto Ferrer.