A group of friends decide to join forces and found Algadins Grup de Danses.

October 9th 2014, a group of friends decide to join forces and found Algadins Grup de Danses. They are a young association but the members are experienced dancers who have already taken part in other projects. They aim to recover and show the Valencian traditions, especially songs and dances, and try to reach a XXI Century audience with the use of new technologies and social networks. Their performances also try to be personal, innovative and deliver a new vision of folk.

The group starts growing rapidly, not only with more dancers joining them, but also by creating the apprentice schools, divided in two sections: children and teenage learners, with ages which range from 4 to 14, and the adults section, for people of all ages. Both projects have had a great success and already have over 30 members. Algadins made an unofficial presentation last June in Castelló de La Plana, invited by the local friends Grup Castelló, and have participated in the street parade Cavalcada del Pregó during the Magdalena festivals of the same city. Last October they performed at the public appearance of the Fallera Major d'Algemesí, in February they participated in the Traditional Valencian Clothing presentation event, organized by the Diputació de València and conducted by the member of the Language Academy Imma Cerdà, and now they make their official appearance in their hometown Algemesí.

It is on April 23rd, Saint George's Day, with the show «From South to North with dances and songs», where guest musicians will be Rondalla Adesiara Fandanguers and Escola Musical de Tabalet i Dolçaina. Last Sunday April 17th the group offered some performances at the XXXI Trobada d'Escoles en Valencià in Algemesí, and in the evening of Saturday 30th, together with the Societat Musical d'Algemesí, the are the guest dancers at the show «Botifarra a Banda», with the well-known Valencian singer Pep Gimeno. Last but not least, Algadins have been invited to perform at the 1st folk festival Borriana en Dansa, where they will offer a choice of dances from the province Valencia.

The group would like to thank the Council of Algemesí for the institutional support given to them, not only by helping them fund their projects but also by spreading their task.